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Making Headlines At Dawn, the Bird (All NY Times headlines taken from the week of the shuttle crash--the first week of February) I. Possible Damage to the Wing We were watching TV when the bird hit the window and fell to the patio with its wing arched unnaturally beneath it. "Is it possible that it's still alive?" I ask. My father shakes his head. "Well..." he sighs. His face looks pained in the moment that the bird's body thumps against the window and drops to the ground--then it softens to grief. A small pool of blood emerges from beneath its body. I cock my head at the mystery of this bird that mistook our window for air. Your body grows cold already, Texas patio dove. Penguins spend up to seventy-five percent of their lives underwater--even those on display at the aquarium. We watch them dive headfirst into the water like fat arrows, their arms sleek and thick at their sides. Fish, freshly killed and slick like steel, slip down their throats without a word. In Chilean folklore, the penguin is not the only bird unable to fly. The Alicanto is a nocturnal sparrow that feeds on the veins of gold and silver. The weight of the metal is what keeps it from flying. II. Tracking Shuttle, Many Saw Long Trail of Flames Instead The Egyptians' bird of eternal life was what the Greeks would call Phoenix. Did it roost in treetops and cactus arms? Or did it fly, leaving trails of flames across the horizon? Did it scatter its ashes over the earth like the strewn answers to immortality; the clues to rebirth irreparably dispersed like the infinite pieces of a puzzle? I used to fall asleep to locusts. Their plump insect bodies sang a long and unanswered serenade. They lived on the trees outside my window. They left crisp skeleton skins behind them, whose leggings still clung to the bark. I have never seen them land, though I wonder if they do it all at once, or in pieces. If they gather to one tree over time, or if they descend in swarms, settling over the branches like a shroud--a skin of screaming scales. In Carlsbad Caverns, stalactites plunge earthward, stalagmites stretch heavenward. Like tapered tree trunks. Like lava. My voice trickles over the cool of the walls. Here and there, ends meet--a stalactite thinks it has reached the earth, and a stalagmite believes it's in heaven.

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A Reflection on different volunteer work

It was my first twenty-four hours to fall in ‘Market & A ; Craft Day ‘ as portion of squad of Pt Chevalier Community Centre. This market uses to be held on every 3rd Saturday of the month and the intent is for everyone in this community holding a topographic point to purchase and sell goods such as second-hand house ware, handmade trade, nutrient or anything they want to convey from place. This activity besides provides occupant, little concern and organisation an chance to link with the community, to advance themselves and do a payback to the community because the fee from the stall engagement is portion of support to run the Community Centre and its programmes. My occupation was as an helper to sell BBQ sausage with John, a commission member who has been called as ‘Sausage director ‘ and ‘Sausage expert ‘ . That is because he has volunteered in this occupation for a long clip. This is a gag between those team members as John is the youngest of the squad and it is the manner how they treat each other like household. From their conversation and the little talk, I found out Kiwis love to hold temper and do gags to show their concern for each other, particularly for well-known friends. They besides made gags to me but non much that I think they might worry about I could non understand their gags so acquire embarrassed. They were easy-going and had an opened bosom to do friend with me even though I am from a different cultural group. I could experience that how I was accepted as portion of group and been treated like a household. I was truly basking my clip with them as they had shown me the most of import cultural rites of New Zealand – dainty everyone every bit. In add-on, during my volunteering, I learned how to cut onions and how to do BBQ sausage and custom-built sandwich. This is the first clip of my life for making this occupation. Through my work, I have known it is a really common formula in New Zealand to hold BBQ sausage with onion, mustard sauce and toast as a bite for out-of-door activity. Besides, as John did, some people love to hold toast with ‘Spaghetti ‘ and tomato sauce which is another particular western manner that different from Asian ‘s. Compared with Taiwan, we use to hold assorted traditional nutrients as our bite such as Chinese roll, Stinky bean curd ( smelly tofu ) and Oyster omelette. The nomadic stables in Taiwan besides need to be approved by local council for a license to sell goods/food at wayside or local late-night market. There will be a punishment for no accredited stall. Contemplation: Day 2 – Core office work ( Wednesday, 9.30am~1pm, 22 Sep 2010 ) Karen, the Coordinator of the organisation, called me to come in to the Centre and gave me some plants to cognize the manner around the topographic point. She was besides my interviewee who gave detailed information for my 10 civilization and society inquiries and how this community Centre operate. Based on her occupation description, I know she is a cardinal to put to death the programme of community Centre and the commission of this non-profit organisation are people to sketch and to make up one's mind what programme can be launch for the community. I realized how of import to hold a community Centre in the community after I did the office work and the interview. Harmonizing to Karen ‘s information, every community Centre is a ‘Hub ‘ to associate local public library, instruction establishment and business/organization together to supply information and activities for people live in the local country. Any single or assorted groups can utilize this topographic point for any activity by merely engaging a room of edifice, or leave their poster/brochure on the notice board to advance themselves. For illustration, a private child care Centre, where besides provide free Spanish linguistic communication larning environment, has its circular placed on notice board so everyone might see its information when visit the Centre. This is a free and convenient service that provide from the community Centre for its community. I think it is besides a proper topographic point to interchange cultural value from different cultural groups by holding their activities here. Furthermore, the School Holiday Programme is a good illustration to demo how this community centre wages proper respect to instruction and multiculturalism. For illustration, it has assorted activities for age 5 to 13 old ages old kids. The activities of September and October programme in this twelvemonth included the First Aid class for childs, Hip Pop dance workshop, Surf lifesaving workshop and a drama for a Chinese narrative â€Å" The Secret of Dongting Lake † which are really meaningful for developing kids ‘s accomplishment, personal ability and an chance to understand different cultural facet. I think it is really cagey to allow kids larn while playing through those seasonal programme and activities. Everyone, including their parents, can besides do friends and have a connexion for their societal life after the activity. It ‘s a really valuable part that the community centre gives us and the NZ society. Contemplation: Day 3 – Work in the Op-Shop ( Thursday, 10.30am~1pm, 23 Sep 2010 ) Thingss that I had learned were non from my work in this Op-shop but from people here. Their behavior and their idea gave me an thought to cognize why many New Zealander, particularly the senior, have willing to be voluntary and how they made the alterations for their community. Op-Shop of Pt Chevalier Community Centre is operated by voluntaries who are Erin, Julie and a lady who I have n't met yet. Erin is the squad leader and the one to help my acquisition. She makes the determinations and manages the store to maintain it run for its clients. This is non hard to happen out she is rather dependable and motivated in her function. She has an enthusiasm and a good intend to assist people in this community. She low the monetary value down or gave free gifts to the clients who seem to hold fiscal trouble. She notices the regular client and keeps the goods, which they may necessitate, beside her desk and give an acceptable monetary value when they have come. She said there are non many people have adequate money to purchase what they want, hence, the intent of community Centre is to assist people for their demand, that is the ground she gives the cheaper monetary value and back up them in this manner. Under her direction, the Op-shop has offered a free service for everyone who needs to advance their place concern to hold their monetary value bill of fare and concern card show on the check-out procedure desk. This is another manner how Erin does to assist and promote people who is unemployed but has the accomplishments for get downing a new life. Her whole household include her girl and grand-daughters, are all happy to affect in the volunteering work. They used to donate good quality apparels and purchase 2nd manus goods from this store. These is a really good illustration which Erin and her household have showed us for how people help each other in their community. â€Å" This is good to see everyone happy † , she said. In Taiwan, there are besides many people work for charity foundations or spiritual establishments who contribute themselves to assist the society. A measure of them even has joined the planetary charity events such as what Red-Cross does. This is positive mode to give payback to our society. The truth is, we ne'er know there will be one twenty-four hours we may necessitate aid from others so that why we do n't seek to give what we have at first. More cooperation between people in the society may hold higher quality populating environment that everyone may acquire the benefit from. In this instance, I believe most of New Zealander has done this well from what I have seen in this community Centre. Language learned from my volunteering work The commission members and voluntaries of Pt Chevalier Community Centre are like a large household to me. They knew each other and have a good connexion with local occupants. The linguistic communication they used in our interaction was between formal and informal which may depend on the degree of relationship they have had with this individual. There are two different ways of the linguistic communication utilizing that I had noticed from my engagement. To well-known friends or dealingss, the words utilizing and the subjects of conversation taking were rather flexible and included a batch of temper and conversational words that I might non pick up from those native ‘s vocalization. In their little talk, they talked about friends or households they knew, gossiped about mundane affairs and made gags to each other. From here, I confirmed my feeling of what I have seen when I foremost came to NZ that Kiwis are easy-going and love to do friends. On the other manus, when communicated with me, those people were rather friendly and had tended to decelerate down their velocity and simple their words to do me understand them good. From their words use, I could cognize they had a quality of instruction degree that their behavior and speech production were soft and sophisticated. In this instance, I remember what Karen said in my interview and so most of squad member in this organisation has had a strong ‘social accomplishment ‘ which is people skill. They know how to talk felicitously with people from different background and how to do their conversation swimmingly to do both of us happy. By and large, the conversations with the squad members had given me an chance to measure my English speech production degree and to pattern my communicating accomplishment with native talkers. In my self-evaluation, the positive I got is I do n't hold much problem to do communicating with them by utilizing mundane linguistic communication, such as salutation, stating the personal narrative, give the sentiments of what I think about mundane affair and follow the instructions that I had been asked. Most of conversations were run swimmingly but I knew there is still a spread to be narrowed if I could increase my English vocabulary to show myself decently and my comprehension of listening in English to understand their words. That is the negative side of my rating from my synergistic undertakings in this community Centre. The racial tenseness in NZ multicultural society? From my volunteered work in Pt Chevalier Community Centre, I have met many people who have an open-mind to accept NZ ‘s multicultural facet and dainty it with regard. However, some information from people who work in this Centre had widened my head to see how native New Zealanders think about the immigrants, particularly for Asiatic people. That has given me an thought how I behave and interact with native people who have different sentiment about us. The Committee Chairman of this organisation, Bruce, is a really soft old adult male who was rather enthusiastic to help my larning through my work in the Market and Craft twenty-four hours. He had given me some advices to do my CV and occupation application more successful through our interview. When we had a relevant conversation about people from different racial background like me, he told me a narrative of his boy ‘s employee who had been fired because his purpose of declining the service to clients who were Asiatic looking. Bruce had told me that many Kiwis have a misinterpretation about ‘all ‘ Asiatic people in NZ are bad driver. I had made the ailment about this misguided idea as sort of racial prejudice and I merely realized that is the ground why my friends, my household and myself had experienced of being stared or shouted by Pakeha drivers when we drove a spot slow or made a incorrect manner driving accidently as it may sometimes be made by themselves eve ry bit good. Merely like the information acquired from Karen, the Coordinator of the organisation, that when a figure of Asiatic first came to NZ, many Chinese gooseberries were really affronted about it for a long clip. â€Å" They thought Asiatic people may be able to come and take our state, our metropolis and our life style ; and they took a twosome of old ages, possibly 2 ~ 5 old ages to settle down. This is long clip ago when they refused to hold that in-migration policy to let more Asiatic people into the state. But now it merely truly accepted, by and large it truly accepted, † [ SIC ] it was Karen ‘s mention of the general sentiment of native occupant. From her words, I was disappointed about the old thought of native people but pleased with the alteration that they have made. In fact, there are ever two sides of a coin that people will see from different angel of position. Most people in this community that I have met are really sort to accept NZ ‘s multicultural society which they are populating in but merely a few have negative behavior to us, immigrant from Asia states, which I truly like to disregard to populate in peace with them. In decision, I agree that people in NZ are merely like people in Taiwan who are decidedly allowed to hold a right to give critical sentiments to people who may do any injury to this beautiful and peaceable state. However, it is better to maintain their thought in nonsubjective manner and non so subjective to make a hard life environment for those immigrants to populate in. That is perfectly unjust for what we have faced – the racial tenseness in NZ.

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Gymnastics Research Paper - 896 Words

Emily Pascavis Karl Bakkum English Comp. Gymnastics Long ago, gymnastics was very different from what we know today. Gymnastics comes from the Greek prefix â€Å"gymno- or gymn-† which means, â€Å"to be naked†. The Greeks used gymnastics for entertainment, performing naked. When the Romans conquered Greece, they took over the sport. They used it for its functional uses. The used the wooden horses to practice the quick mounting and dismounting of their actual horses during battle. Which later became the men’s event that we know today as pommel horse. Awhile later, Roman Emperor Theodosius banned the sport. It was not seen or used again until the late eighteenth century. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is credited with starting gymnastics clubs in†¦show more content†¦This event is now considered the first World Championships. The first â€Å"mens team† competition was added and held in 1904 Olympics at St. Louis. The1924 Olympics in France marked the beginning of what gymnastics is today. Men started to compete for individual Olympic titles in each event. The first womens gymnastics team debuted during the 1928 Olympics. The first U.S. womens gymnastics team competed in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. In 1962 the AAU recognized rhythmic gymnastics within the sport. In 1963 in Budapest and Hungary, the first Rhythmic World Championships took place. It included 28 athletes, from 10 countries. In 1973, the United States joined the sport of rhythmic gymnastics and competed in the Rhythmic World Championships. During the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, the rhythmic individual all-around competition was held for the first time. At the Centennial Olympics this same year in Atlanta, Georgia the rhythmic gymnastics group event (multiple gymnasts on the floor at once doing a choreographed routine) became a medal-sport for the first time. Finally in 1970, the United States Gymnastics Federation, now formally known as USA Gymnastics or USAG, was organized and became the governing body on this sport in the U.S. The gymnastics world still runs under this system to this day. There are many components of physical fitness that gymnastics improves. Gymnastics improves ones flexibility, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscularShow MoreRelatedAnalyzing The Gymnastics Scoring System Essay1473 Words   |  6 PagesGymnastics started out as just an exercise program of different moves in Greece. The modernization of gymnastics began in the late 1700s, its been around for about 2,000 years. This is one of the oldest forms of exercise in the world. The scores are completely different not only because the system changed, but because the level of difficulty was also higher. In the sport of gymnastics is ‘the perfect 10’ scoring system was changed the most. For this research paper, I will be researching the gymnasticsRead MoreAnalyzing The Gymnastics Scoring System Essay1604 Words   |  7 PagesFor this research paper, I will be researching the gymnastics scoring system, the controversy that the scoring has created over time, and the gener al history of the sport. Gymnastics started out as just an exercise program of different moves in Greece. The modernization of gymnastics began in the late 1700s, its been around for about 2,000 years. This is one of the oldest forms of exercise in the world. The scores are completely different not only because the system changed, but because the levelRead MoreSelf Presentation Is Described As Playing Out A Self1273 Words   |  6 PagesSpencer Cermeno 5000269 Bernie Mac Research Paper 17 October 2015 1.) Self-presentation is described as playing out a self to the reaction and anticipation of others (p. 32). Men and women both modify their self-presentation to the reaction of others. In a classic study noted by Crawford of female college students who were provided with details of male students who were either desirable or undesirable as a potential date and who was characterized as having traditional or more modern values, AccordingRead MoreCheerleader and American Icon by Natalie Adams and Pamela Bettis1239 Words   |  5 Pagesstarted for the United States. This book has a lot of great information for me to use to talk about how athletic cheerleading really is. The book goes in detail about male and female participation in cheerleading. This is going to be great for my research because of all the information I am being given. Barovick, Harriet, and Hilary Hylton.. â€Å"Beyond the Pom-Poms.† Time 156.19. 06 Nov. 2000: 109. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 2 April 2014. The Time magazine is a credible source for this articleRead MoreWhat Is PETTLEP-Based Imagery Interventions?996 Words   |  4 PagesPETTLEP based imagery method compared against other more traditional methods (mental rehearsals, visualisation), focussing upon a hockey penalty flick and a gymnastic beam skill. The hockey penalty flick, studies found the more PETTLEP components involved in the intervention, the stronger effect upon performance was noted. With the gymnastics beam skill, a full turning straight jump, the most challenging and difficult to master, results found that a group undertaking physical practice and anotherRead MorePetyltp Essay938 Words   |  4 Pagesvisualisation). Studies focusing on a hockey penalty flick and a gymnastics beam skill were carried out. In the hockey flick task, they found that as more PETTLEP components were introduced into the imagery intervention, there was a stronger effect on performance. In the hockey flick task, it was found that as more PETTLEP components were introduced into the imagery intervention, there was a stronger effect on performance. With the gymnastics beam skill, a full turning straight jump, the most challengingRead Moretwin studies Essay1158 Words   |  5 Pagestwins are fraternal. Summary This article discusses about twins separated and the genetic of personality differences and concentrated on studies that have been made in 1979 by the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart (MISTRA). In this research, the researcher focused on two aspects of cognitive and personality. However, in this article the discussion limited to discuss about the personality and behavioral differences only. The study conducted by Minnesota is to support the existence ofRead MoreSocioeconomic Status And Access For Sports1509 Words   |  7 Pagespeople live, where they live, what country they live in and what socioeconomic status they fall into. Sports can be a way to identify what social class a person or family may fall into. The purpose of this paper is to show the relationship between socioeconomic status and access to sports. The paper will first go over the background of socioeconomic status, discuss why participation in physical activity is more prevalent with money and what actions should be taking in order to help low-income individuals/familiesRead MoreWhats New At Elementary School Essay701 Words   |  3 Pagesweek. It was a one day trip held on the 9th of November. Students will visit the Library of Alexandria to start their research in preparation for the science fair being held around the month of April. Furthermore, students will visit other sites in Alexandria as there is a history based project on these sites. A 6th grader named Malak Ehab won the 3rd place in the world for gymnastics in Bulgaria. Another 2 middle schoolers, Islam Koritam and Omar Ali Azam, are squash champs, and they are joining theRead MoreGender Roles And Issues Regarding Feminisms And Masculinity939 Words   |  4 Pageswomen and men are represented. Above all the major thing that is argued in the report is role of gender. There are effects of popular culture on the people on gender as exposed in intimidation and stereotypes in the American culture, which this research paper wi ll look into in length. According to storey John on gender and popular culture, the book is about the social media, sex makeover shows, stereotypes, online dating and also films in general. It talks about the Arab women in the popular culture

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How Pastoral Care Policy Has Contributed to the Management...

Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 DECLARATION OF ETHICS 4 Abstract 5 CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY 6 1.0 INTRODUCTION 6 1.1Background 7 1.2 Statement of the problem 11 1.3 Purpose of the study 11 1.4 Research questions 11 1.5 Definition of key terms 12 1.6 Acronyms: 12 1.7 Significance of the study 13 1.8 Limitations 14 1.9 Delimitations 14 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 15 2.0 INTRODUCTION 15 2.1 The origin of pastoral care 15 2.2 What is pastoral care? 16 2.3 Perceptions about implementation of PC in schools 17 2.3.1 International Perspectives 17 2.3.2 Different perspectives about benefits of PCP. 19 2.3. Challenges of implementing PCP 20 2.3.4 Conclusion 22 2.4 Botswana†¦show more content†¦The study restricted itself to the perspective of school managers. The study was guided by three research questions. The study adopted a qualitative methodology to answer the research questions. Simple random sampling was used to interview a sample of 30 out of the targeted 49 members of school management from the North East, South East and South Central regions of MoESD. The data were recorded, analyzed and interpreted using codes and numbers. The results of the study show that the implementation of PCP has made some significant progress in junior secondary schools. The results also show that the PCP is a welcome reform that has had a positive impact on a substantial number of aspects of school management. However, the implementation of the PCP is marred by a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. These have been found to impede the implementation of the reform. CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY 1.0 INTRODUCTION Pastoral care is an important activity for a school culture that promotes productivity, accountability and efficiency in employees as well as accountability and commitment to learning in students. The school pastoral care policy (SPCP) is designed to inculcate the spirit of excellence in schools (Power, 1996). School pastoral care (SPC) programs and plans are key tools with which management, teachers and learners are supported to demonstrate their personal bestShow MoreRelatedTrade Unions in Malawi13087 Words   |  53 PagesThe trade union movement in Malawi dates as far back as the end of the Second World War. It has undergone a process of growth, decline and growth again over the past seven decades or so. To understand how trade unionism has developed in any country, we need to consider the political, economic and social context. In Malawi, the political context has been the most influential factor in the way trade unionism has developed. As Salamon (2000) points out, industrial relations context shapes employer-employee

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Tone of Manzanar and Night - 569 Words

In the memoirs Farewell to Manzanar and Night, the authors both reveal events from their tragic past to the reader. However, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston takes a more reflective tone while Elie Wiesel tells his story with a solemn yet intimate tone. Within Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne narrates her story in a very calm and reflective way because she wanted to spread awareness that the Japanese internment did indeed happen. Although she tries to remain more of an observer and state facts of the time she was interned, at the end of the memoir, her tone does shift from a very factual standpoint to a more nostalgic and sentimental tone. In Night, Wiesel’s solemn and intimate tone helps him tell the reader of his difficult conflicts trying to survive religious persecution from the Nazis and his struggle to keep faith in God. In her memoir, Houston manages remaining observational for most of the book. She bides by stating mostly facts from events from her past experiences at Manzanar, now and then stating her thoughts and feelings. She begins her memoir by telling the reader she wrote the memoir to raise awareness for the Japanese internment in the 1940’s era, which she handles gracefully, remaining calm while confronting the trauma from her past. â€Å"My faith in God and in the Catholic church slipped several notches at that time. But not my faith in the outside, all such good things could be found.† (Houston, 118). In this quote, Jeanne is saying how even though her experience insideShow MoreRelated Japanese Alien and Japanese-American Poets In U. S. Relocation Camps4710 Words   |  19 Pagesrelocation camps that were used to contain these people: In this earthly configuration, We have, not points of light, but prominent barbs of dark†¦ Begin between the Golden States highest and lowest elevations and name that location Manzanar. Rattlesnake a line southward to the zone of Arizona, to the home if natives on the reservation, and call those Gila, Poston. Then just take your time winding your way across†¦ just make yourself at home in the swamps of Arkansas. forRead MoreAsian American Experience Through Art2816 Words   |  11 Pagesserves her husbands parents and waits for him to return to her from the 7-11 he owns. He buys her some American clothes, but she does not wear them, except in their bedroom for him, in deference to his parents. Finally, her husband is killed during a night shift, and she must wear the white dress of an Indian widow in mourning. She debates what her identity is not that she has to go back to India. In the end, she decides to wear her American clothes and stay in the United States as she identifies withRead MoreJapanese Internment Camps in America Essay2247 Words   |  9 PagesII sprang from her diary accounts. Just when I thought I knew all about the enemy (Nazis) and the heinous crimes that they inflicted on human beings, other sides of the story were brought to my attention. I came about a book called Farewell to Manzanar which introduced a similar treatment of human beings in our very own country. I disc overed that an internment policy was placed on the Japanese that was extremely questionable. My emotions were torn because I could not believe Americas leadership

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Ibus2301 Boost Juice free essay sample

Obesity and health issues are becoming issues for all countries, and companies in the Wellness Category are seeing massive growth * A alternatives of the quick hamburger(a healthy fast food alternative) * Dan Titus, Director of the Juice and Smoothie Association stated. â€Å"The Juice and Smoothie business is such a lucrative venture. Smoothie-type products are sold all over the world on cruise ships and golf courses; in bars, movie theatres and hospitals. Companies are seeing this market as a growth opportunity. Consumers are looking for an alternative to soda; the healthy attitudes that consumers are expressing reflects in the smoothie trend. Competitive advantage: * Unique formula * Janine consulted with nutritionists and naturopaths to create a menu of healthy juices and smoothies that were free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. * Her range of TD4 low fat frozen yoghurts used in the smoothies contain live cultures streptococcus thermophillis and lactobacillus delbruekil for added nutritional benefits Strategy: 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Ibus2301 Boost Juice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Complementary Products As well as our fabulous drinks, we also sell a range of healthy snacks including wraps, fresh yoghurt, fruit, muesli bars, banana bread, as well as bottled water amp; reusable Boost Mugs! 2. Supermarket Range Boost introduced a new range of bottled juices, frozen yoghurt and healthy snacks readily available at supermarkets. 3. Support the improvement of environment to achieve the social position Global: * One store in Adelaide has grown into 187 stores throughout Australia and 47 stores overseas. 1) In May 2010, US based private equity firm, The Riverside Company acquired a major stake in the Boost Investment Group. Moving forwardAfter Janine’s plans for global domination took off, she decided to form the Boost Investment Group (B. I. G. ) for further ventures in Australia. B. I. G. ’s first acquisition is Mexican food outlet chain Salsa’s. BIG and Salsa’s are now expanding throughout Australia, with 12 stores already taking the Salsas message to the people! Boost Juice Bar is a new style retail that specializes in selling  fruit juice which flaunt on Healthy diet and emphasize the products is free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Boost Juice Bars was formed in 2000 with the first store located in Adelaide. Through the franchising in these few years, the company has expanded internationally in  Asia,  Europe,  Russia  and the  Middle East. Obesity and health issues are becoming international issues, and companies in the Wellness Category are seeing massive growth. The main strategy of the company is going to monopolize the fast food market by providing a healthy alternative. Boost Juice Bar has unique formula consulted with nutritionists and naturopaths to make the juice and include TD4 low fat frozen yoghurts used in the smoothies contain live cultures streptococcus thermophillis and lactobacillus delbruekil for added nutritional benefits. Except the normal juice and smooth, the company also sells a range of healthy snacks to increase the purchasing behavior in order to increase the market competitiveness. In 2000, the first store opened in  Adelaide. After few years, one store in Adelaide has grown into 187 stores throughout Australia and 47 stores overseas. For future international development, Boost Juice Bar collected the funds in May 2006 through sold the stores in New Zealand to  Tank Juice  who are now operating them under the Tank brand after the franchisers was put into liquidation. This is a simple Retrendnment Strategies. It was a right chose to give up the development in New Zealand and fought into a new market. First, New Zealand is not an agricultural country. Although the highly mechanized agriculture has risen the total output, but the food are also need to import from other countries, cannot be self-sufficient. It means the margin cost would be increased. Next, New Zealand is a country with high standard of living, the New Zealand’s HDI (Human Development Index) is sixth on the World in 2013. This mean the cost on labour market and store will be very high. Even if the price adjustment can make up to the revenue margins, the high tax in New Zealand will also affect the net income. In summary, the external environment in New Zealand gave a high economic pressure on the company expanding. Lastly, Boost Juice Bar didn’t provide many choices of healthy snacks during that time and the culture of Healthy diet was not popular, people would likely to buy the quick hamburger. The market was small and had high completed with local brand in New Zealand. Therefore, Boost Juice Bar chose to fight the market in United Kingdom. In 2007, Boost Juice Bar successfully entered into the Catering market in United Kingdom through franchising with the founders of  Millies Cookies, Richard O’Sullivan amp; Mario Budwig. This is a good co-operative strategy to draw support with Millies Cookies’s impact force in United Kingdom. Millies Cookies is a historic brand in UK with chain of 108 retail bakeries. The strong financial base can help the Boost Juice Bar quickly expand in UK. This can reduce the risk of Boost Juice Bar from high expanding operation. It is a good choice to select Millies Cookies to be the only franchiser in UK; Millie’s Cookies have a wealth of experience of creating best in class food and beverage retail brands. As a historic food and beverage retail brands in UK, Millie’s Cookies would have many often co-suppliers that can buy the raw material with cheapest price. The main idea of this cooperation was studied the management skill from Millie’s Cookies. Millie’s Cookies can also help Boost Juice Bar to create more types of healthy snake and achieve the original goals to monopolize the fast food market. It will be a good reference for the future expanding of Boost Juice Bar. The expanding in UK was a touchstone to test the reactions in European countries about this new style drink. As the influential country in Europe, fast food culture is very popular in UK or USA. In the other words, their cuisines are usually high-calorie and unhealthy that means the healthy drink would be easy to accept because they need it. Otherwise, the population in Italy and France would be more difficult because their cultures are going to pursue noble diet. In current American, there were many famous chains of juice bar like Jamba Juice, until now Boost Juice Bar is still unsuccessfully expand into the American Market. At the end of 2007, Boost Juice Bar had also expanded into Chile, Kuwait, Singapore and Indonesia and most recently Thailand. As we all know, Thailand is an agricultural country with tropical monsoon climate . There are high annual food yield and the price is really cheap. The demand of cold drink is high because of the hot weather. The standard of life is really low in Thailand but the tourism has had a good deveoplemtn. When the cost was low and the revenue would be high, I have no reason to give up this market. However, the current expanding in the other countries was not an advisable choice. At that time, Boost Juice Bar should put more focus in expanding the business into China because of the 2008 Beijing Olympics . Until 2009, there are stores operating in Australia, Chile, Dubai, Estonia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Boost Juice Bar has ardently spread out the activities on environmental protection. In order to complement the theme, Boost Juice Bar has release the reusable Boost Mugs . Besides, the company needs to increase public influence through the activities; it wants to emphasize the importance of health. This is a successful advertising to link up the customer behavior with the company’s products. Some environmentally conscious countries will be easier to agree with the expanding in the future when the condition is okay of the government policy. In summary, the main successfully international strategy of Boost Juice Bar was built a good franchising relationship started from Millies Cookies in 2007 to Joost Food (India) in 2011. Boost Juice Bar always selects to franchising local big food and beverage retail brands. Besides, the brand can expand in a new country with low risk; the brand can follow the experience collected from the cooperative company to run the other stores. The other reason of their success that Boost Juice Bar provided a healthy alternative to solve the international issues (Obesity and health). When there are high demands, the company will be success.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thr Japanese People Essays - Japanese Society, Dichotomies

Thr Japanese People The number of foreigners learning Japanese continuously increases each year. This therefore leads me to believe that these people must have an interest in Japan. However, it does make one wonder what images they have of Japan. Do these people really have a good and right image of Japan? I am acquainted with a few of these people and they claim their love of Japan is due to its fascinated with their own culture and heritage? The Japanese are amongst the easiest people to get along with, even if one does not understand them completely. Understanding the Japanese is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome, however this should not deter anyone from trying to comprehend Japan and her people. The purpose of my essay then is to increase my readers understanding of Japan and its people, especially give their rather complex characteristics. Being part of a group is very important to the Japanese. As a starting point for my analysis of the Japanese I would like to discuss the balance between the individual and group within the Japanese culture. The human race is made up of individuals, but each is born and lives, for most part of his or her life within a group or community. Various societies differ greatly especially with respect to the emphasis placed on being an individual or being part of a community. This difference is obvious when comparing the Japanese to the Western culture as the Japanese would sacrifice the individual for the good of the group. This ideology extends beyond the group of the people's sacrifice for the common benefit of the country as this is seen as something to be proud of. As compared to the Westerners, the Japanese prefer to exist as a group. While Westerners put on a show of independence and individuality, most Japanese will be quit content to conform to their community in dress, conduct, lifestyle and even thoughts. This is all part of maintaining ?face?- originally a Chinese term but is of most importance to the community. The Japanese are constantly being reminded of how unique their culture, beliefs, customs and lifestyles are. The constant reminder is perpetuated by the government through references in government publication and hammered home by publication of literature devoted exclusively to the subject. Take for example Japanese that are banded together, this group is ranked according to its social position and disparity of age. Japanese have placed a high priority on rank even during the initial period. The notion of a ranking has strongly affected Japanese social life. Also we know that the honorific expressions are of the great importance to the Japanese language. The head of the household, regardless of age, occupies the highest se at; his retired father then retreats to a lower seat. Nowadays, age becomes a deciding factor only amongst individuals of similar status. In Japan, status also precedes gender. It is commonly known that Japanese women are nearly always ranked as inferiors. This is not because their gender is considered inferior, but because women seldom hold higher social status. Generally speaking, the Japanese that are born to a certain class behave in a certain way. Hence, in front of another these people are very aware of what the other party is thinking of them. Whilst Westerners are bold in their opinions and do not hesitate in expressing them, the Japanese tend to voice any opinions only after due consideration of another's feelings. It is said that the Japanese are very diplomatic but this also means that they do not give direct answers, a characteristic based on a long trading of avoiding unnecessary friction. The fact that the Japanese behave in this way especially when in contact with another can be partly explained by their homogeneity and long periods of isolation from the rest of the world. Japanese respects the harmony of nature. This is apparent in the architecture and style of their gardens. Another characteristic of the Japanese is to give back the some quantity as they receive. While I was in Japan, a friend explained this concept to me. He claims that despite the fact that most Japanese do not like to do this, they conform as it is a tradition